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What is Crowns?

Crowns is an all new premium, American blend cigarette. It’s made in America with all American tobacco. Crowns delivers a consistent high quality smoking experience at a value price. Crowns is manufactured by Commonwealth Brands. Crowns is available in the most popular box styles (Kings and 100’s) Red, Gold, Blue, Green, Dark Green, and non filter.

Crowns is available exclusively at Circle K Convenience stores and affiliated franchisees

Taste This!

K&B Cigars of Huntington Beach California distributes popular American-made cigars for Circle K outlets in the western United States. Products from industry-dominant players like Swisher International, Republic Tobacco, Swedish Match, Altadis Inc., and John Middleton are available to consumers in every Circle K and monitored by K&B field representatives to guarantee quality and freshness.

Cigar-making technology has evolved since the late fifteenth-century when Columbus’ explorers first noted Taino Indians smoking coarse long-hand-rolled leaves of tobacco that became the ancestor of what we now know call the “cigar.” Planters up and down the eastern seaboard eventually capitalized on tobacco and turned it into the billion-dollar industry it is today. In short, tobacco is to the Americas as cinnamon or pepper is to the spice islands of Indonesia. That is to say, tobacco is here for people to enjoy, despite its potential for abuse, no different from sweets or alcohol.

While the domestication of tobacco in its various varieties has spread across the globe, the United States gradually developed a unique dominance in varietal markets.

Over time, purveyors of tobacco products have changed its presentation to meet the tastes of consumers. K&B Cigars of Huntington Beach, California has catered to this demand since 1995. The dominant players in the U.S. domestic market today remain Swisher International, Republic Tobacco, Altadis, Inc., Swedish Match, and Middleton Tobacco, which are also world-wide competitors. Consumers’ tastes in cigars now range from the simpler ‘pure’ tobaccos to various flavored products which add to smoking pleasure. Consumers enjoy sweeter flavored tobaccos which range from apple to wine. This would surely have baffled the earliest tribesman a millennium ago. How can one explain this? The answer lies deep, much as the current taste for books on tape, or sending a friend a text-message rather than a letter via snail mail.

Circle K stores across the state are loyal to their consumers, and provide them with the latest products, according to taste. They provide quality products at affordable prices, and remain at the forefront because they appeal to the American way.

Bret Barker

K&B Cigars, Huntington Beach, California

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