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What is a Polar Pop?

Are you hearing Polar Pop commercials on the Radio? Driving by Polar Pop billboards on the highway? How about seeing Polar Pop on T.V.? Still wondering what a Polar Pop is?

Polar Pop is a cup found only at Circle K Convenience Stores. Circle K recently changed the name of its cup, ThirstBuster, and is now known as Polar Pop.

Why the change? Some of Circle K Stores carried the ThirstBuster brand name and others Polar Pop. Finally a decision was made that we unite and only carry one brand name for our cups, Polar Pop.

Try a Polar Pop and let us know what you think.

Polar Pop, stays colder longer. Polar Pop’s are .89¢ All Day, Every Day. Only at Circle K.

Written by the admin Posted June 5, 2012

  1. SPARKY42 says:

    They will always be ThirstBusters to me! Bi-Polar Pop’s….I think not!!!

  2. [...] and street cars. For now, convenience and grocery stores are exempt, meaning those popular 32-oz Polar Pop drinks from Circle K costing only 89 cents are still widely available. Especially in large cities, such as New York, [...]

  3. Jayson C says:

    I still like my ThirstBusters!

  4. Daswiruch says:

    90¢ 30oz. DRINK!

  5. kris devereux says:

    it’ll ALWAYS be thirstbuster to me

  6. Johnny says:

    Polar Pop! but i do love FROSTER!

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